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BERLIN, GERMANY - AUGUST 08: Performance artist Penny Harpham shows a donated can of spray-on dry shampoo in the morning during the performance art piece 'Deliverance' on August 8, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. Australian performance artists Penny Harpham, Kat Henry and William McBride are three days into their ten-day work 'Deliverance: Art Stripped Bare,' in which they are at the mercy of passers by to protect them from hunger, sleep deprivation, and the elements. The group arrived on Sunday evening on August 5 completely naked and with no food, water, or material with which to build shelter when they stepped into a thirty-square-meter (323-square-foot) patch of wild grass and dirt next to the Platoon Kunsthalle, a temporary art space constructed of 34 stacked cargo containers in the center of Berlin's former East. They were provided with clothing by some sympathetic locals ten minutes later, while another, knowing that the forecast called for rain, provided a camping tent shortly thereafter, and someone else provided more bananas than the group claims it can eat. Other less basic-for-survival offerings included a sex toy, stuffed animals, and water pistols. The 240-hour piece, whose rules stipulate that the artists are not permitted to request nor refuse, within reason, anything they are offered and are not allowed to remove any of the given items from the space, had already been performed by the artists in their home country at the Adelaide Fringe festival in March 2012. (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

I use dry shampoo all. the. time!It’s helped me get through many a busy weeks, traveling and more, but I never thought it could be dangerous.

A Missouri mom is cautioning people after her dry shampoo bottle exploded in her daughter’s car. The aerosol can of dry shampoo exploded in her daughter’s car, shot through the sunroof and torpedoed through the air, landing 50 feet away.

The force was so strong that the can blew the hinges off the closed center console of the car.

Walmart had this to say:

 “Equate Dry Shampoo includes a specific warning, like most aerosol products, that it may explode if heated and not stored as directed.”


So ladies, let this be a reminder/ warning; DON’T LEAVE YOUR DRY SHAMPOO BOTTLES IN HOT CAR!


I really feel like I need to spread the word about this and hopefully prevent others from experiencing this damage or...

Posted by Christine Bader Debrecht on Thursday, September 19, 2019