Boy you Cam Newton Kool-Aid drinkers protect Cam like he’s your child. It’s the sickest thing I’ve ever seen.

In the wonderful world of sports you have athletes who suck, who are good, who are great and some who become legendary. Cam Newton never has sucked but damn he stinks right now.

Since 2015 his MVP – Super Bowl year Cam Newton skills on the football filed has diminished. Hey it happens to the best of them in any sport. Jordan, Iverson, Vince Carter, Joe Montana, Ken Griffey Jr. father time is undefeated.

BUT you Cam Newton Kool-Aid drinkers protect Cam…if someone say anything negative about him here ya’ll Kool-Aid Cam Newton drinking ass. Lol it’s funny to me. The truth is Cam is a me first guy, football isn’t on top of his priority list anymore and it’s ok. The NFL will move on so will the Panthers.

Geez you Cam Newton Kool-Aid drinkers are funny to me. You don’t get on my nerve you just make me laugh. Q