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Cheating isn’t the only thing that can end a relationship, and for some, it may not even be the worst thing either. Here’s a list of things you could do on social media that could break your chances with someone:

  • Oversharing – You should be telling boo about what going on with you first before going to social media. Telling your followers first before him might make him feel left out and like he’s an afterthought.
  • Couples check social media instead of checking in with one another – If you want to know where he’s going after work, please don’t see where he’s checked in last on Facebook. You have his number, ask him yourself!
  • Don’t continue to interact with your ex on social media – Your ex is an ex for a reason, so leave them in the past. Don’t even look at their page, that shows they’re still on your mind.
  • Social media can cause major misunderstandings – He told you he wasn’t going to work today, but you saw him post something with a coworker. You think he lied, but he actually worked off-site today. Put your trust in him, he deserves that much until proven 100% otherwise.
  • Checking social media before bed can put a damper on intimacy and affect sleep – Scrolling and seeing that boo like this sexy model’s pic can make you want to slap ‘em. Go to bed on a good note and leave IG and SC for the morning.
  • Don’t use social media to cover up uncertainty in your relationship – If you don’t know where this relationship is going but you post that you met the love of your life, something isn’t adding up here. Time to recalculate, and please please please, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket and TELL people that you have. You’ll only look like a fool

If you ever feel the need to involve social media with him, just keep it to a friend based level. As long as he knows how you feel about him, it really doesn’t matter how others think or even if they know what’s going on between you two. So you can put the phone down, delete the draft of that post, and just enjoy your time with him.

Have you done any of these? Are you gonna use social media less or be more conscious of what you do on social media? Let us know @themrlshow , we’d love to hear what your plans are, without going into too much detail.