So, I’m thinking about moving to Albuquerque. Or Santa Fe. I haven’t decided yet but I do have two good reasons to consider moving to New Mexico: my teenage sons. New Mexico is close to becoming the next state to offer free college tuition.

Other states, including New York and California, have similar programs in place but New Mexico takes it a step further. The proposed plan is the first of its kind in the nation because it applies to in-state students at all 29 of the state’s colleges regardless of income. Let me repeat that: it would pay the tuition for all in-state students, including those who can afford it.

If passed (and it’s expected to), New Mexico’s free tuition plan would go into effect for the fall 2020 semester. It would cover tuition and fees for recent high school graduates at four-year public colleges as well as recent high school graduates and returning adult learners at two-year community colleges. New Mexico’s governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, calls the program “an absolute game-changer” and says it will give more people access to higher education.

My oldest son is a high school senior. My youngest is a sophomore. Now, do you see why New Mexico looks so attractive to me?

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