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We all like to spice up our dates with a little something-something, but how much are you spending on that something exactly. Well, according to and OnePoll, the average person spends anywhere from $160-$200, depending on if you’re single or married.

The statistics for how you spend that money look something like this:

  • Going out to eat (60%)
  • Date night at least once a week (54%)
  • Physical affection (52%)
  • Attending a concert or show (48%)
  • Celebrating milestone (46%)

Steph Reiley, Director of Product Management at, says that it is super important to establish who is paying for what during dates because it costs so much. For most single people, they say that they either don’t have enough cash for taking someone out or just straight up blame the dating life on their financial situation. So if you plan on going out with someone, be sure you’re bringing a little extra cash.

What’s the most you’re willing to spend on a date if you really like the person? Let us know @themrlshow and tell us what the price tag is for your date!