If you’ve ever watched ESPN’s College Gameday you’ve seen the hundreds of signs students and fans make to try to get their 15 seconds of fame.  These signs have become a well-loved tradition and even have twitter accounts dedicated to posting the best.

Last week Game Day was broadcasting from Ames, Iowa for the Iowa v Iowa State game and student Carson King held up a sign that most college students can relate to. It said “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenishing” and gave Caron’s Vemno account. According to CNN King checked his phone after just 30 minutes and noticed he already had $400.

The money kept rolling in and soon after he realized he had more than enough for his case of Busch Light. After talking to his family he decided to pay it forward with all the money and donate it to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital which overlooks the Iowa Hawkeyes Football Stadium. Currently, with Venmo and Busch Beer volunteering to match the money from King, over $100,000 is pledged to be donated to the hospital.

Stories like this just go to show how sports can bring people together for the greater good.


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