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The number of teens smoking the new e-cigarettes is growing like crazy. Back in 2018, 1.5 million teens were smoking e-cigarettes, but studies show us smoking traditional cigarettes is down. Today, e-cigarettes has gone up tremendously and the only way to change that is by banning it. Maybe banning students from smoking in school and or the classroom. New York is the first state to officially ban flavored e-cigarettes, and that could open it up to the rest of States to follow suit. Within the past year, over 400 illnesses in teens alone have been caused by juuling. With 400 illnesses, it also brings 5 deaths. There is only one way to prevent the illness and deaths caused by e-cigarettes and that is to possibly ban them. Pay attention to the rest of the nation now that New York took a step to ban flavored e-cigarettes that seems to be the most popular for teens.

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