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Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went to the Lizzo concert in Charlotte. When we were backstage she was quiet, reserved and then when she entered the stage she took command of the crowd with her self love, motivating, and outgoing personality.

As part of her Cuz I love You Too tour, Lizzo was originally scheduled to perform at The Fillmore. Then in April, citing overwhelming demand, The Fillmore announced the show would be at Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre instead. As there are no assigned seats at The Fillmore, the admission for General Admission would not include a specific seat at the outdoor venue, either. It was a bit of a confusing mess. My partner and friends ticket were “accepted” to a seat yet mine was specific for lawn only. So, instead of people separated from my boyfriend and friends, we all just hung out on the lawn for the show.

Lizzo also made some humorous comments about the change of venue. At one point she said, “we couldn’t fill more in the Filmore so we brought the show out here tonight!”.

As someone who is heavy, her words truly spoke with me. Towards the middle of the show Lizzo said, “It all started with this dedication to positive music that I started back in 2015. I know it feels like it’s becoming mainstream now, but do not let them marginalize the self-love movement. Don’t let them reduce it to spa day and mimosas because you know it’s more than that, Charlotte. In times like this, self-love is a form of survival,” she told the crowd.

In a world where fat-shaming exists on a daily basis, I constantly struggle with self-love. However, being at her show felt like something I needed. Almost like therapy. I’m excited to follow her career, and will certainly be purchasing a ticket the next time she comes to Charlotte.