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The new couple performed "Señorita" at the VMAs.

People in relationships want to feel secure and know that their significant other is into them, but it’s not always easy to tell if we’re making them feel that way.

Communication with your partner is super important in any relationship you’re in. But as great as it feels, how can you tell if your partner feels desired? We all want to feel like our partners are into us and care for us, but it can be hard to know if we’re making them feel that way. Reddit had a thread asking guys what they’re looking for in a relationship, and they had THIS to say.

Things like “confirmation contact”, so they don’t feel nervous about wanting to make contact with you and it being awkward, or being around not because it’s your “duty” as a partner, but because you ACTUALLY want to be with them, are some of the reoccurring things brought up. Anything to boost their confidence and ego, and make them feel safe really.

What makes you feel desired in a relationship? Let us know by tweeting us @themrlshow