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HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 25: Actors Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter attend the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Wonder Woman" at the Pantages Theatre on May 25, 2017 in Hollywood, California.

One of the most versatile items to keep in the kitchen is actually a fruit. I always try to keep a couple of lemons on hand because I have found them to be useful for so many different things. You can use the zest or skin of a lemon to add a burst of flavor to a salad or a sauce. Using lemon juice in a heavy sauce helps to lighten the flavor and add a little zing.

Once you’re done with the skin and the juice, you can still use lemon for a variety of other things. If you have a cutting board that is stained, you can try scrubbing the stain with a half of a lemon and some salt, often that will remove the discoloration and bring new life to your cutting board. And once you are done, toss the lemon down the garbage disposal with the hottest water you can manage. This will help clean the disposal and release a burst of fresh scent into the kitchen. In fact that works great with any type of citrus peel.

First African American, one-woman syndicated radio host in the Southeast region for major broadcast networks. Over the past 23 years my passion and perseverance has lead me to reach and relate to demographics spanning, Sports stations, Country, Hip-hop, R & B, Gospel, Adult Contemporary & Top 40 radio stations. I have a unique way of setting the tone, and people feel comfortable telling their story,