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Did you know that the average person doesn’t know why we push forward and fall back, for daylight savings and most don’t know how it affects people’s health?. So why do we do it? I personally don’t like it because it’s a mood changer, but evidently the first daylight savings time policy was back in Germany for WWI in hopes that it would save energy. This year we’re turning clocks back an hour for daylight savings on November 3rd and springing forward March of 2020. In United States, it has been used to give farmers more time to harvest and plant their crops. After it became a habit, it then became a tradition. Although it was meant to save energy and help farmers, it affects every person differently. It has been shown to affect our health both physically and mentally. During daylight savings in the autumn months, studies show it causes reductions in sleep and cardiac issues like, stroke, cortisol production, and vehicular accidents. Thank goodness with a little adjustment, our sad state of less light will pass over as our bodies start to go along with the program.  It’s been an ongoing debate for the past 5 years, is saving energy or mental and physical health more important. What do you think about Daylight Savings time?

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