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Let’s be honest, if women waited for some men to make the first move, they’d be in their late 60’s. And even though both men and women are entitled to making the first move, it can still be nerve-racking no matter who you are.

There are two golden rules about talking to someone you’re interested in, so if you’re struggling to take the first step, remember these two things:

“Be clear about what you want.” If you want the cutie from English class, shoot your shot and don’t think twice about it. And if you want exclusivity, put it on the table from the start. “Go with what’s a match.” If you balance out best with guys that let you call most of the shots, stick to that formula. No need to fix a system that’s not broken.

If you’re planning on trying this on someone you want to know better, tweet us @themrlshow and let us know how it went!