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Chrissy Teigen recently stopped by The Ellen Show to chat with host Ellen DeGeneres about her recent Twitter spat with the President.

During the chat, DeGeneres gave her audience a brief synopsis of the situation between Teigen and Donald Trump. “The President of the United States picked a fight with you on Twitter…you said something that we can’t say [on television]. You are strong in many, many ways Chrissy. And I admire you,” DeGeneres said. Teigen replies, “It’s been a week.”

On Sunday (Sept. 8), Trump put Teigen’s husband, John Legend on blast via Twitter by calling him out for not giving him credit for his criminal justice reform efforts during a recent interview. He also indirectly blasted Teigen by referring to her only as Legend’s “filthy-mouthed wife.”

Teigen then clapped back at Trump by referring to him as “the p—- a– b—- president,” which was too vulgar to trend on Twitter. However, crafty tweeters found a way to work around the vulgarity and shorted the hashtag to #PresidentPAB. And like magic, the new hashtag began trending, while social media users continued to share their opinions about the exchange.

During the interview, Teigen also talked a bit about her new gig as a judge on NBC’s Bring the Funny alongside Amanda Seales, Kenan Thompson, and Jeff Foxworthy. She also shared that Legend surprisingly doesn’t find viral videos that most people find hilarious funny.

Chrissy Teigen Reveals John Legend Doesn't Think Viral Videos Are Funny

Chrissy Teigen divulged to Ellen that John Legend has never seen a viral video he thought was truly funny. Plus, she chatted about being a judge on "Bring the Funny" with hilarious comedians Kenan Thompson, Jeff Foxworthy, and Amanda Seales. #ChrissyTeigen #JohnLegend #TheEllenShow

Teigen also played a game called “Can you fill in your tweets,” where she had to finish sentences from some of her old tweets. The interview with Ellen DeGeneres airs on Wednesday (Sept. 11).

Chrissy Teigen Plays 'Chrissy, Can You Fill in Your Blanking Tweets?'

Chrissy Teigen is known for her hilarious Twitter posts, so Ellen tested her knowledge of her own content with a game called "Chrissy, Can You Fill in Your Blanking Tweets?" #ChrissyTeigen #TheEllenShow #Ellen


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