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Before we begin this opinion piece, just understand I know this is an unpopular opinion. Before you jump to judgment, just hear me out.

In one of LauRen’s “Dirty on the 30” segment, she told a story of Chance The Rapper postponing his new tour to spend more time with his children after his wife gave birth to a new baby just days ago.

I feel he shouldn’t postpone the whole tour.

Now I do believe parents should have time off for when they welcome their new bundle of joy to the world. I do believe it should be paid time off, and for a long extended period of time.

Here is where I draw the line:

Chance the Rapper announced his tour on 7/29 on his Instagram page. At that point, his wife was at least 7 months pregnant. He should have had an idea that scheduling a fall tour to promote his new album with a newborn would be difficult.

Chance scheduled his Charlotte concert for Saturday, October 12th but the rescheduled date is on a Thursday in late January. I personally feel that if I booked a Saturday concert, the reschedule should be for a Saturday!