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Guess who just got her 55th win? LauRen did! Play with your friends and family below, but call in weekdays at 7:35am for a chance to play live!

  1. Gigi Hadid & The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron have all but confirmed their an item. They were spotted at yet another event together over the weekend. Which One Direction member did Gigi have a high profile relationship with? Zayn



  1. Ellen DeGeneres reveals that she has met Royal baby Archie and says that he looks just like his dad. Which Prince is his dad? Prince Harry



  1. This first-ever winner of American Idol just made her debut as a talk show host. Who is it? Kelly Clarkson



  1. Alex Trebek has made the return for what season premiere that he hosts? Jeopardy



  1. Reports & rumors are starting that this star of the upcoming movie “Hustlers” & singer of songs like “Jenny From The Block” “Dinero” & “Love Don’t Cost A Thing is nearing a deal to headline the 2020 Super Bowl Half Time show. Who is that? Jennifer Lopez