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A Pennsylvania couple who found $120,000 in their account due to a bank error and then went on a shopping spree has been charged with a felony, according to state police.

It all started in May, when BB&T bank, accidentally deposited the money into a joint account belonging to couple Robert and Tiffany Williams.

Despite later admitting to police they knew the money did not belong to them, the couple quickly got to spend it. They allegedly bought several vehicles, including a race car, an all-terrain vehicle, a camper van, and a car trailer.

After being notified that she and her husband were responsible for paying it back, Tiffany reportedly told the bank they had already spent it.

After making several attempts to reach the couple, BB&T reported the incident to the police.

On Tuesday, the couple was arraigned on felony charges of theft and receiving stolen property. They were released on bail.

I personally wonder why the couple can be charged. If you found $100 on the ground, is it illegal to pick it back up and spend it? Is there no finders keepers exception? I’d be interested to see how this case works out!

SOURCE: Buzzfeed