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Nobody likes to have a bad experience when they’re dining out, but according to Darron Cardosa, a.k.a. “The Bitchy Waiter,” there are a lot of mistakes we’re making that could be ruining your own meal… This is a great list to follow! And don’t be rude to your server ever!

  • Not inspecting the salt and pepper shakers – If they aren’t clean, that may be telling you something about the overall cleanliness of the restaurant.
  • Not checking restaurant’s social media pages – They could be offering deals they aren’t likely to tell you about once you get to the restaurant.
  • Not pouring your own wine – If you let the waiter do it, you aren’t controlling the flow of your drink, and you could wind up needing a second bottle by the time your food comes.
  • Never asking how much specials cost – You might think that special will be a deal, but it’s probably just something the restaurant wants you to order, and it could come at a huge price tag.
  • Being rude to servers and wait staff – If you want good service, a little kindness goes along way.

Source: Today