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Take photos: Okay…this one’s more for the parents/grandparents/other extended family members, but the school year goes by fast. It’s never bad to take a moment to cherish the day, too.

With hands like Midas’s touch, there is a designer dad taking the term “best dad ever” to a whole new level. “Designer daddy” transforms Disney princess costume outfits into fab modern styles. His designs will make your jaw drop in amazement.

Nephi Garcia, popularly known as designer daddy, transforms Disney princess gowns into modern styles. He has recreated Belle’s gown from beauty and the beast, Jasmine’s gown from Aladdin, Aurora’s gown from Sleeping Beauty, Elsa’s gown from Frozen, and lots more.

The most remarkable design that stood out to me was his Elsa’s gown from Frozen; the mid-length gown can literally turn into a floor-length gown within a twinkle of an eye. How he designed that gown amazes me.

Nephi Garcia is not only a father to a cute little girl, but several little girls who wish to be like a Disney princess also regard him as a fairy godfather.

He has also carved out a reputable image for himself by creating mind-blowing outfits and costumes. Most of his designs are available on his website in kids and adults sizes.

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Posted by Designer Daddy on Tuesday, August 6, 2019