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It’s safe to say you probably have told a lie or two in your lifetime!Have you told a lie today? You might feel better if I told you that lying is a part of human nature. Apparently, there are 6 main reasons why people lie.

The six types of lies are.

  1. self-oriented beneficial lies-lying to achieve a positive outcome for yourself.
  2. self-oriented protective lies-lies told to avoid a negative outcome for yourself.
  3. other-oriented beneficial lies-lies aiming to secure a positive outcome for someone else.
  4. other-oriented protective lies-lies told in order to prevent hurt befalling someone else.
  5. Pareto beneficial lies-lies told to benefit both yourself and someone else.
  6. Pareto protective lies-lies told to prevent hurt feelings toward both yourself and someone else.

The lies people tell have a lot to do with their personality traits. What’s your personality?

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