Halloween Tips and Tricks


This is a decorating game changer. Guess who is selling a Haunted House Cookie Kit? Target! They sell for only $10 each and there are a few different models.

One is the Haunted Mansion, which includes black, orange, and green icing, along with decorative candies and sprinkles. The Moonlit Cottage comes with orange icing and decorative candies. Both kits include pre-baked chocolate cookies that are easily assembled to create a creepy and tasty home decor piece.

Target also has a Spooky Graveyard, which has eight chocolate pre-baked cookies, as well as a large cookie to assemble them all on, plus white, black, and orange icing, along with decorative candies and sprinkles. The Calavera has eight pre-baked sugar cookies in the shape of skulls and pre-made icing and sprinkles. Very cool!

I want all of them! Target also has some other wickedly fun Halloween decorations in their “Hyde & EEK Boutique” that are on my list this year. Take a look at the cookie kits and other Halloween decorations here.

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