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Know anyone in Gastonia? Then send them this link as they could have over $200,000 waiting for them.

Lottery officials say the winner of a $200,700 Cash 5 prize, sold in Gastonia, has one week to claim before it expires next Monday, September 9th.

The winning ticket was sold on March 8th at the Circle K on South New Hope Road in Gastonia. Winners have 180 days to claim their prize after the drawing.

The ticket technically expires on Saturday, but the winner has until 5 p.m. on Monday, September 9th, to take the winning ticket to lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

The total prize for the Cash 5 was $401,400.  James Dickerson claimed his half on March 11th. Lottery officials say anyone who plays Cash 5 should check their ticket.  The winning numbers are: 1-9-22-30-37.

Source: WCCB