There once was a time…that people wouldn’t dream of clocking in at the office without wearing full suits and ties or pretty snazzy dresses. But now, even “casual Friday” styles have fallen to jeans, shorts…or FLIP FLOPS!

According to Randstad researchers, the dress code break down for about 80% of Millennials is:

  • Business casual (26%)
  • Casual (33%)
  • Non-existent (20%)

CEO of non-technical staffing at Randstad US, explains – it’s all about what the boss is groovy with. “As long as employees dress in a way that’s consistent with their employer’s policies,” she says. “Most managers care less about what their employees wear than about their performance and work output.”

Okay, so is it really our fault when 38% of us get asked to dress “more professionally?” No. Besides, millennials make up about 35% of the workforce and we’re rooting for casual dress.

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