Taylor Swift released her 7th studio album “Lover” last Friday and since then fans have spent days decoding every lyric to find the hidden meaning. One song we don’t have to delve too deep into is “Cornelia Street”.

Swift lived in an apartment at 23 Cornelia Street in NYC’s Greenwich Village back in 2016 while her Tribecca residence was being remodeled. This is the period in time she and Joe Alwyn began dating as well, she references sitting on the roof, dancing in the kitchen, and how if they ever broke up she’d never be able to “walk Cornelia Street again.

The four-bedroom five & half bathroom townhouse features a rooftop deck, terrace, and pool as well as a style and decor Swift herself loved. The home’s attached garage was a necessary security and privacy feature as well, although it didn’t take long for the press and fans to discover who moved in. Vulture reported per the home’s owner at the time David Aldea  “It was ideal from a security perspective for her because her SUV could pull into the garage, the garage doors would be closed, and from the outside, it kind of looks like a fortress,” Aldea says. “You never really see anything from the street. All the windows are facing up or facing behind.” Check out photos of the home here.

A further glimpse into the house is seen in Swift’s promo video for her reputation album “Making of A Song: King of My Heart”

Swift reportedly loved the aesthetic of the property and requested all the decor and furnishings be left for her to enjoy. The home has such a romantic homey feel no wonder she loved it!

The most ironic part of the whole story? Despite having some of Taylor’s music on a running playist, the home’s owner had no idea who Swift was when he was first told of her interest in renting the property! He eventually made the connection and personally showed her the home.

Taylor reportedly paid around $40,000 to rent to home which went on to sell for $11,500,000.

Now that you’ve heard the story and seen the home listen to Cornelia Street below!




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