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And just like that…LauRen is up to 47 wins! Which means on Monday she could be halfway to 100!


  1. Dwayne Johnson shut down a restaurant in Hawaii so he & his wife could have dinner alone as newlyweds. What remake movie will he star in alongside Nick Jonas & Kevin Hart? Jumanji 


  1. Pete Davidson lost it on a crowd of students in Florida during an act about having their cellphones out during the performance. Who was Pete’s popstar ex-fiance? Ariana Grande.


  1. Fans are concerned that Taylor Swift will not be doing Stadium Tours for her new album. Who is she currently dating? Joe Alwyn.


  1. Jason Momoa got stuck in an elevator in Canada for hours. True or false: Jason Momoa was in GOT? True


  1. What fast-food franchise gave Chickfila a run for their money with their chicken sandwich, which now has them having to suspend sales for the time being? Popeyes