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They may score big on the field, but “elite athletes” are striking out in the dentist’s chair.

A new study finds that jocks have some of the worst oral-health rates, despite brushing their teeth more frequently than most people, according to the findings published in the British Dental Journal.

The results will shock you. Despite reporting positive oral health-related behaviors, athletes have substantial amounts of oral disease. Nearly half had untreated decay, and most of their gums were inflamed. Previous studies also found athletes suffer from gingivitis.

This was even though 94 percent said they brushed their teeth at least twice a day. About half also said they floss regularly. I wonder if these athletes are lying to the dentist because something is not adding up.

The reason for the shocking results? The dentists think it may be because athletes eat more energy bars and gels and guzzle sugary sports drinks. All are known to cause tooth damage, the researchers noted.