People love spoiling their dogs.

Thanks to Amazon we can treat our furry babies on a budget and with some help from friendly reviews. We made a list of five different affordable dog toys that people swear by on Amazon to make it easier for you.

1. King Kong ain’t got nothing on my dog! Have you heard of the Kong crew toy? I have friends with large dogs who swear by it for playtime. It provides mental stimulation and 4,000 plus Amazon reviewers give it a thumbs up. You can see more here.

2. Retro feels with this one. Ya’ll remember Gumby? A best-seller on Amazon is the Gumby dog top selling for $4 however most reviews state, “my dog destroyed this in one day or 5 minutes.” So you’ve been warned, your dog’s new favorite toy may be short-lived. See more here.

3. Wobble baby…wobble baby. Yes, your dog can too do the wobble with a Wobble Wag Giggle. This ball allows your dog to entertain themselves as they push and throw it around making fun and giggly sounds. See more here.

4. This is a cool one! If you want a smart pup, try out StarMark Bob-A-Lot interactive dog toy. A ton of people give this product a gold star but they do say it is a bit noisy on hardwood floors. It’s a great way to get feed your dog and teach them at the same time. See more here.

5. Does your pup love squirrels? There is a really cool interactive puzzle toy for dogs with squirrels for only $8 for a small! You can get it in four different sizes and over 5,000 people reviewed it positively. The squirrels hide in the tree trunk and personally, I’d probably play with this too… See more here.


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