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Woman having a nail manicure in a beauty salon with a closeup view of a beautician applying rich purple nail varnish with an applicator

Where are all my skittles fans at? I need you to see this trend, and no it’s not a new skittles product, it’s a trending new polish design, inspired by the colors of the candy.

Some people refer to it as The Skittles Manicure because it involves painting each nail in a completely different color. The colors are mostly vibrant, bright and visually dazzling, like red, yellow, orange, green and so on.

Instagram has been buzzing with this skittles manicure, you can’t browse through your feed without seeing it and amazingly people have taken a liking to it. However, Rihanna also pulled off something similar to this trend on her 31st birthday, in which each of her nails were painted in 2 different colors. But it did not go down well with some fans, it even got reposted by The Shade Room, so it’s ironic to see that it’s trending now.

Personally, I love it because I get to display all my favorite colors on my nails, and I also do not have to be stuck with the ‘what color should I use?’ thought.