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When we have to pack up and move to a new residence there’s a lot to think about. Can you bring your pets? How will you transport your pets? Will your pet be allowed to live at your new address? There’s no question about loving and caring for our furry friends, but sometimes pet owners abandon pets; taking them to local shelters when they can’t go. Here are some tips before moving to a new residence with pets. Make the necessary changes to your pet’s tags to reflect the new address.

  • If your pet has a chip embedded, make sure you contact the company with your new address.
  • Keep pets contained while movers are doing their job.
  • Familiarize cats with toys and smells they like.
  • Your fish should be transported in bags with a mix of new water and clean water from the aquarium. When you’ve made it to your new residence allow the filter to run for a few hours before putting the fish back in the tank.

If you need more tips to check out The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy.

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