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Have you ever been in that situation where your friend asked you to go out with them, and you just don’t want to go, so you lie about? Apparently, there’s a statistic for that.

Most people get very excited to make plans, but when it comes to executing them, sometimes people fall short. Whether it’s a sudden lack of money or even fatigue, that feeling like you don’t want to do anything. So a surprising 47% of Americans immediately make an excuse to avoid the plan. However, 43% feel bad about skipping out, with women feeling more guilt than men do.

58% sent their lie via text, while 55% did it with a phone call or voice mail, and apparently a lot of people want to make sure they are convincing, with 52% saying they “go the extra mile” to make their excuse seem believable, with 27% staying off social media, 26% powering down their phones and 15% going so far as to turn the lights off in their home.

So what do you do when you no longer have plans? In fact, 76% of people admitted that they just wanted to just extend their “me time”, relaxing and watching television.

Have you ever faked an excuse to get out of plans? What is your go-to excuse to cancel plans? Tweet us @themrlshow .

Intern Steffan