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So you know Logic from being an amazing rapper. Many knew him because he and his ex-wife seemed to be couple goals. Well, he just put out a freestyle and it seems that congratulations are in order.

I like to pride myself in staying up to date with Hollywood, and I am part of Logic’s rat pack so I feel like I should know these two things…

  • Logic has a fiancee
  • Logic is having a baby boy

According to a TMZ report, Logic & Brittney Noel got a marriage license late last month, which is usually good for 90 days. In his just-released freestyle, he reveals he is going to be a dad.

If you want to just hear that part, fast forward to the end. Right at 3 minutes, he says, “And I’m having a little baby. Surprise! It’s a little baby boy, f**k TMZ they can’t get the scoop on that sh*t.”

So congrats Logic!