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If you’ve ever scrolled through your phone looking for a white wine emoji, you’re not alone. I personally prefer white wine over red, so when I’m inviting friends over for a drink I’m stuck with only using red wine emojis. There has been an official petition to add the emoji!

Kendall-Jackson, one of the top-selling producers of white wine in the U.S., has been leading the charge on the mission to get a white wine emoji for over a year now. Teaming up with the global wine community, the brand has submitted several lengthy proposals to the Unicode Technical Committee — the governing body who decides what becomes an emoji, because it’s 2019. If you’re surprised that there is a governing body that makes decisions on emojis, you’re not alone there either.

After three revisions culminating in one final 19-page proposal, Kendall-Jackson heard the result of their fight for representation at the UTC’s July meeting, held on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA — and it wasn’t what they hoped. According to official meeting notes, the UTC said that they would “continue to consider ‘white wine’ emoji for a future addition,” but would make no further moves forward at this time.

In short, the UTC is afraid that by adding a color variation for white wine, they might then be forced to add more color variations — for example for rosé, different shades of beer, different colored animals and more — and apparently, adding those different colors is no small feat for programmers.

SOURCE: People