I read this story and it made me so upset. This is why people need to care about our planet and the animals we share it with.

A Palestinian zoo did something insane and in order to get visitors to attend, they thought it was a good idea to declaw a 14-month-old lioness. They did this so the guests could play and interact with the animal, which is ridiculous.

Falestine, the lioness, was tranquilized and shrouded before a veterinarian named Fayez al-Haddad got to work. He deliberately clipped off her claws one by one using a pair of shears before he sewed her up.

The Four Paws charity says that the procedure is similar to a person losing their fingers up to their knuckles. (someone should give them the same procedure.) Mohammad Jumaa, the zoo owner, and the veterinarian, however, both seem to be morally unaffected by what they did.

This story makes me livid and we need awareness. You can see more on the story by clicking here.

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