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If you’re an adept hiker, and you got lost, do you think you’d survive? Well, one man did get lost…for five whole days and survived!

A horseback-riding trip sounds relaxing and fun, but for this guy, those aren’t the words he’d use to describe his trip.

Kaden Laga was on a horseback-riding trip with his family in a mountainous area on the border of Montana and Idaho when his brother’s horse went lame. Being the strongest hiker of the group, the 25-year-old offered his horse to his brother and hiked ahead, but made a wrong turn and got lost.

For days he tried to find his way back to his family, including his pregnant wife. Searchers used hounds, thermal imaging and helicopters to try to find him. Kaden drank from streams and ate berries and crickets during the five days he was lost, unsure he’d ever see his loved ones again or get to meet his unborn child.

Fortunately, he spotted a rescuer’s headlamp on one night while sleeping and Kaden used it to find the campsites.

“I was very gifted, blessed, and protected,” Kaden explains. “As much as a lot of things went wrong, there were a lot of key things that went right.”


Intern / Lynleigh Betchan  – The MRL Morning Show