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(Photo by VCG/Getty Images)

Ever heard of a Kinkajou? Me either, but a Florida man was attacked by one in his own home!

What goes on? Of course, this would happen in Florida. A Fort Worth Beach couple was having a leisure evening in their back yard when they saw, what they thought was a lemur, perched on their fence. They proceeded to feed the animal watermelon and fawn over its cuteness, even ending the night commenting on his big brown eyes.

The next morning is where all the trouble started. Little did the boyfriend know that the cute lemur from the night before was actually a South African Kinkajou (similar to a raccoon or monkey). By the way, Kinkajou’s are known to become temperamental right around two years of age.

That morning while the man was leaving for work the Kinkajou attacked the moment the front door cracked open. He had been waiting all night for more watermelon and was hangry af by 5:45am when the man was leaving for work.

The Kinkajou leaped into the house attacking the man’s foot and ankle! The victim was not seriously injured and the animal was taken to a near by licensed wildlife facility.

Everything about this story made me laugh out loud but when you see the girlfriend’s eye witness account of the events, you will too! Click here!