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PORT GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 02: A view through a window of disused tenement properties on the Clune Estate on August 2, 2019 in Port Glasgow, Scotland. Formerly the home to shipyard workers in the early part of the 20th century, Port Glasgow's Clune Park estate now has fewer than 25 people living in a handful of its 430 flats. Property on the partially abandoned estate, which has suffered from vandalism and deliberate fires through the years, was once the cheapest in the UK, with one flat selling for under £10,000 at auction. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

My wife is all in on buying items on a ‘Mom’s Group” on Facebook. So once in a while she’ll ask me to do a porch pick up for something she’s bought, usually for the kids. Well the other day something odd happened, she asked me to pick up a little walk behind toy for my daughter. She sent me the contact info and told me the seller is home and waiting for me. I texted her and she responded to ring the bell and she would give me the walker… It was kinda out of my way but I cruised over to the house and rang the doorbell. This is where things took a turn for the worse… She didn’t answer after the first ring so I hit it again, and then again… No response. I called her and it went right to VM. So I was curious what the heck was going on, I peeked into the window next to the front door and saw the kitchen light on. I then made a decision to walk around the side of the house and looked into the window of the living room and that’s where I became a Peeping Tom! She was right there staring back at me holding up her finger as if to say “one minute.” I walked back to the door, she met me and said sorry I had an emergency phone call. I told her sorry for staring at her through the window and she said “it was kinda creepy seeing someone peek in there.” Oh well at least I got the toy haha.