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I got some unsolicited advice from an 88-year-old man this weekend… And it’s eye-opening!

What better person to give you advice than someone who’s lived to see a lot of things in their life? I ran into an 88-year-old man while camping with my son Dean over the weekend. He called Dean “young gun” (which I’m now using) and asked how old he was. Dean responded by saying 6, then he asked Dean if he started his day with a smile? Dean said “yes” and he explained that’s the most important thing he’s learned in 88 years on the planet. “How you start your day is so important” he went on to say. He also told us to “find and follow our dreams no matter what age,” keep up with friends,”  and to renew your goals in life, your goals at 20 should be different than your goals at 40!” I actually wrote all these down… I didn’t snap a picture of him but he looked like this haha…