The wonky rides are coming, and we all know the strangest treats come with them.

Being a fair fanatic, I’ve tried many of the crazy foods they have to offer…but I’ve never even heard of some of these. Eat them if you dare:

1. Kool-Aid Pickles (North Carolina)

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2. Fruity Pebble Shrimp on a Stick (Alameda County)

3. Deep-Fried Chicken Noodle Soup (Texas)

4. Hot Cheeto & Cheese Covered Corn (California)

5. Crack N’ Cheese Waffle Cone (North Carolina)

6. Crabby Patty Sandwich (Maryland)

7. Deep-Fried Jell-O (Texas)

8. Mans Sandwich (North Carolina)

9. Fried Butter Balls (Iowa)

10. Hot Beef Sunday (Iowa)