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Take photos: Okay…this one’s more for the parents/grandparents/other extended family members, but the school year goes by fast. It’s never bad to take a moment to cherish the day, too.

One little boy figured out a creative way to get ahold of his dad while he was away on business. He used the doorbell?

I love this little boy! Not only is he the sweetest when he finally gets ahold of his dad but he connected with him in the most creative way!

This little boy was home alone with a very important question. “How do I turn on the kids’ channel?”With no one around to ask, he had to get inventive and remembered that Dad had the Ring app in his cell phone. So, he went to the front door and waited for Dad to answer! Check this out!

WATCH: Kid gets inventive when he needs to get in touch with his dad

WATCH: This little boy knew exactly how to get ahold of his dad when times got tough.Courtesy: Ring

Posted by KHQ Local News on Wednesday, February 20, 2019