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Typically stars are found on YouTube, now stars are heading to YouTube. 

1. Zac Efron is an A list celebrity and can probably get any movie he wants. However, he is turning to YouTube to reach his fans in a new vlog series. 

2. Will Smith is a bigger name then Zac Efron, and even he is wanting to become a YouTube Star. The really interesting part about Will Smith’s channel is that he gives you behind the scenes access to all of his current movie projects and insight into his family life.

3. Josh Peck – you remember him from the Nickelodeon hit show “Drake & Josh”? You can now watch him complete challenges, have new life experiences and hang out with other celebrities.

4. Dwayne Johnson – Doesn’t it feel like The Rock is in every movie? If you’re not getting enough of his muscles, you might want to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

5. Jack Black – has starred in movies like School of Rock and Jumanji. He now is a gamer and a vlogger. He even does videos with one of YouTube’s biggest stars, PewdiePie

6. Gordon Ramsey – Gordon is a five-star chef and the star of shows like Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef. You can get personal cooking lessons from him on his YouTube channel. He even recently did a collaboration with Lil Nas X!