Dr. Hammill and JB

Dr. Hammill and JB a certified trauma therapist sat down with Francene Marie to talk about a new clinic on Freedom Drive catered to neighbors needs. What makes the Movement Family Wellness Center/powered by Novant Health different are the wraparound services. Are you in need of a loving and swanky clinic that cares? The medical office is at 2225 Freedom Drive in the 40,000-square-foot Movement Center.

Other tenants include the Harvest Center, a ministry for the homeless; Urban Promise, a youth mentoring program; Missions Place, a coworking space for nonprofits; and Center City Church.

The partnership with Movement Mortgage is quite a blessing and benefit at the same time. The clinic has a charter school, housing development and other resources in the same location to help with the issues of upward mobility. Movement Center is a 40,000-square-feet community and nonprofit co-working space at 2225 Freedom Drive, Charlotte, N.C. The Movement Family Wellness Center will have the capacity to serve up to 10,000 patients annually with a team of physicians and support staff.

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