Maximize your small space with a little creativity and organization!

Moving into a college dorm can bring a mixture of emotions. It’s an exciting feeling knowing you’re going to meet so many new people, but it also has its stressors. For me, I had no idea what I was going to do with ALL of my stuff.

For any incoming college freshmen who are in the same boat that I was, I’ve got you covered. Here are some organizational hacks that will help you declutter your dorm!

Focus on Multiuse Furniture

Your dorm room will already come with enough furniture, but there are ways to use extra furniture as storage. For example, if you are going to use a nightstand try to find one with multiple compartments/shelving. Or maybe instead of a desk chair, use an ottoman that opens up into storage space!

Ottoman (Photo By: Emre Can/ Pexels)

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

You can do a lot with the walls and doors of your dorm room. Useful items could be over-the-door shoe racks or over-the-door towel racks. You could even use command strips to hang jewelry/hats as decor. Hanging wire shower caddies with command hooks is also an inexpensive way to store pens, notebooks, stationary next to your desk area.

Hanging Hats (Photo By: Rodolfo Quiros/ Pexels)

Maximize Under Bed Storage

Many dorm beds are lifted, leaving loads of storage space underneath. This is the perfect space for storage bins, drawers, or boxes to put your folded clothing. Also, some beds can be adjusted to life even higher. If this is the case you can place a drawer, desk, or even make a little kitchen area with even more storage. The opportunities are endless!

Storage Bins (Photo By: Leticia Ribeiro/ Pexels)

Even the Above Bed Storage

If your building allows, you can insert shelving above your bed space to keep items out of the way. This would be a good place for blanket baskets, decor, or anything to clear floor space.

Shelves (Photo By: Tranmautritam/ Pexels)

Use Dividers to Organize Closet Space

Some dorm rooms have actual closet spaces while others provide a closet wardrobe. Either way, if you’re like me and you have too much clothing, there are ways to take advantage of that space. First things first: lose the bulky hangers and get skinny ones. The felt hangers are a great option because they 1.) hold your clothes up nicely and 2.) are way skinnier than the plastic or wooden ones. There are also hanging closet organizers that provide shelving and rack space.

Felt hangers (Photo By: Leticia Ribeiro/ Pexels)

Stackable Bins for Bathroom Storage

Dorms with bathrooms in them require strategic spacing, as they are extremely small most of the time. You also are sharing that space with your roommate. Have no fear, stackable bins are here! Small stacking bins fit well under sinks and they’re perfect for toiletries like toothpaste, deodorant, soap, styling products, and medications.

Storage Bins (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)