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So I guess it’s okay to call the Charlotte police pigs? Technically? 

KinderMourn, a non-profit organization that works with families who have lost a child had the bacon response team respond to their location.

It’s the last place you’d expect to see kids smiling, and yet the youngsters were all grinning as they walked into KinderMourn on Feb. 18. Veteran police officer Chad Webster and his pigs Sgt. Snuggles (Sarge for short) and Frank were waiting for the kids as they arrived.

The father of four started what he calls the Bacon Response Team about eight months ago. He and the pigs have visited schools, the cancer ward at the hospital and community events, trying to spread joy and help kids and adults get comfortable with police. Webster now works as a community officer for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department works to humanize police officers

Webster wears his police uniform when he takes the pigs out, while Sarge walks on a harness and Frank has his own stroller. This unique threesome gets a lot of laughs and inspires many jokes.

“It’s a pig with a pig,” says Webster. “I get that and I take that head-on!”