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Cell phone dead zones are disrupting businesses and homes in the Charlotte area. 

I read an article from my friend Katie Levans with the Charlotte Agenda on how Southend Charlotte is the Bermuda Triangle of cell phone tower coverage.

The area along the Camden Road that extends roughly from East Park to East Tremont and across South Boulevard into Dilworth has spotty coverage. According to Charlotte Agenda, the connectivity problem is bad enough that one apartment community is installing cell boosters in an attempt to improve service for residents.

“Camden is taking a hefty financial step to install cell boosters throughout our whole building,” says Jamie Reeves, community manager at Camden Gallery. “These boosters will amplify the weak signal up 32 times for ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.”

Camden hired Telnet, a Maryland-based IT solutions provider, to address the problem. The nearly four-month installation project is expected to wrap up this month.

I personally have reached out to Verizon for these issues to understand the unexplained drops and I got the professional “standard” responses.

Katie with Charlotte Agenda reached out to Verizon and encountered the best customer service rep ever.

Scott Wooten, co-owner of 704 Shop, spoke with Charlotte Agenda and says their team relies on wifi connection over cell service in their store, too. “Our cell service is basically zero in the shop…If you aren’t on our wifi, you’re pretty much dead in the water.”

Wooten believes nearby development projects could be to blame for the connectivity problems. “During the construction of the Dimensional building it was like someone turned off a light switch and it never worked again,” he says. “Could be completely coincidental, but that’s when I noticed it at first. It definitely wasn’t like that when we first moved into the store.”

Verizon says 5G will be rolling out in Charlotte as we are one of their test cities. Hopefully soon Charlotte will become the connected city, and not the dropzone desert that it currently is.