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Make their favorite breakfast: Whether it’s pancakes or a delicious breakfast sandwich, your child will appreciate waking up to their favorite breakfast.

A saying we all know so well is “breakfast is the most important meal of the day…” or is it? This survey has the answer.

So we all have those mornings, we’re in a rush, we don’t have time to eat a complete breakfast. While for others, not eating breakfast at all is a choice.

A new survey finds that about 55% of Americans say they typically eat breakfast, while 45% say they don’t.

The question is…should we eat breakfast?

The survey notes that those who eat breakfast are more productive during the day (50% vs. 39%), and they are also more likely to be making healthy choices throughout the day (48% vs. 28%). As for why some choose to skip breakfast, 52% say it’s because they aren’t hungry in the morning, while 40% say they don’t have enough time and 27% don’t believe it’s important.

Personally, I’ve never been a big breakfast person, but I have been trained by my mother to always eat something before leaving the house. Though I can’t eat a big meal in the morning, eating something does help me wake up and start the day, so I think at least eating something, even if it is small, is important.

That’s important though too, isn’t it? What we eat for breakfast.

78% of people say their morning meal has changed over the years.

Topping the list is eggs (50%), followed by sausage (40%) and of course, our other favorite breakfast foods include:

  • Bacon (37%)
  • Pancakes (37 %)
  • Toast (33%)
  • Waffles (28%)
  • Avocado (28%)
  • Cereal (28%)
  • Breakfast sandwich (28%)
  • Banana (26%)

Just some eggs and toast are enough to make my mouth water…seriously, now I’m hungry.

The survey also finds that some people love breakfast so much they don’t just limit it to the morning. The truth is a whopping 69% of people say they enjoy eating “breakfast for dinner.”

I am definitely one of these people. I can eat a bigger meal at night than in the morning, so more to enjoy!!


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Intern / Lynleigh Betchan – The MRL Morning Show