The Francene Marie Show

Saturday 6:00am-7:00am

A Cup of Courage

We have a huge opportunity in our lives right now for self-discovery, truth, and healing, especially if we’ve experienced hurt and painful memories from the past that won’t go away. BRAVE STEP has taught us over the years that past traumas affect our future. A Cup of Courage is a time of courage and connection. Interested?

It’s an opportunity to bravely discuss the impact sexual abuse and assault has on our lives as survivors, loved ones, community advocates and those simply wanting to learn more. Guest speakers and breakout sessions will inspire and encourage more intimate conversations. BRAVE STEP is a nonprofit based in Charlotte, North Carolina that has a unique way of listening to your story. They strengthen adults impacted by sexual abuse who are on the healing journey. Click BRAVE STEP or share this valuable link with someone you know who has been impacted, it might be a life-changer for them.

  • $1 provides a journal for sharing thoughts and hope for the future.
  • $20 fuels a Courageous Corner meeting, a free peer-led support group for men and women affected by sexual abuse.
  • $50 is one hour of bravery for a parent or spouse needing group counseling, impacting eight to 10 people.
  • $100 is a step to strengthen a man or woman during one counseling session with a trauma therapist.

If you desire a cup of courage to come forth in a safe and protective setting, this is a worthy and valuable opportunity to take a BRAVE STEP.

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