(Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images)

Penguins Skipper and Ping are giving Berlin locals a lot to celebrate.

They are a male, same-sex penguin couple who are hoping to get a chick out of the egg they’ve adopted.

As the Washington Post explains, this is currently happening in Berlin, and at many zoos around the world, including in London, New York, and Australia.

“Berlin has become the latest city to host a pair of ‘gay’ penguins after Skipper and Ping showed an attraction to each other and a desire to become parents. Both unsuccessfully tried to hatch a stone for some time. Then Zookeepers allowed them to adopt an abandoned egg.”

It is fitting that it is happening in Germany as the country has one of the worlds highest acceptance rates for the LGBTQ community. Same-sex marriage and adoption rights have both been legal there since 2017.

If everything goes according to plan, Skipper and Ping will have their baby penguin in about a month.