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Chicago SWAT not only was protecting me during Lollapalooza but also protected a deep dish pizza!

After the broadcast of the Maney, Roy & LauRen Morning Show, we host an “after show” where we dive deeper into topics and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that never made it to the air. It’s a podcast called “The Wrap Party”. Yesterday on The Wrap Party podcast I told a story about how the Chicago SWAT team did more than just protect me.

I was staying in a hotel right across from the music festival and Chicago Police was stationed at each hotel for security. You had to prove you were a resident of the hotel to gain access. After the music festival, all the restaurants near the park was closed, probably due to the mob-like mentality of the mass exit. When I got back to my hotel, I was starving and ordered pizza delivery.

You know when you hit your bed and you just can’t get back up? That’s what we experienced after a 10 hour day at the festival. Immediately after getting into the hotel room I fell asleep. While I was dreaming away, a pizza delivery guy was trying to gain access to our hotel and SWAT was not allowing it. The police tried to get the front desk to get my room number to deliver the pizza but the hotel protects its guests’ privacy and refused to give out any confidential information. So the front desk was calling my hotel room non-stop. The pizza restaurant was calling my cell phone. Meanwhile, I’m laying in the bed thinking the room next to ours was where the phones were ringing.

After 7 missed calls, I finally realized what had happened and went downstairs to meet the officers to grab my pizza. The officers had a good laugh that they should start delivering pizzas on the side and that they know how to move around traffic quickly.