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  1. Things seem to be heating up between Gigi Hadid & “Bachelorette” contestant Tyler. What One Direction member was Gigi previously in a relationship in? Zayn


  1. This very popular sitcom with people like Phoebe, Chandler, Monica & Ross will be heading to the big screen for the first time ever to celebrate it’s 25th Which sitcom are we talking about? Friends


  1. Liam Hemsworth broke the silence on his split with Miley Cyrus. What Marvel Superhero does his brother Chris Hemsworth play? Thor


  1. Camila Cabello says her upcoming album is a million times better than her last. Who has she just recently started dating? Shawn Mendes


  1. Alex Rodriguez’ rental car got broken into and thieves got away with half a million dollars worth of stuff. What NY baseball team is he known for playing for? J-Lo