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The Maney’s took to Boone for some good old fashioned family fun at Tweetsie Railroad and my wife made an awesome call!  

Hopefully you’ve taken a trip to Tweetsie Railroad in your lifetime… there’s carnival games, rides, and of course a 3-mile train ride that includes their famous “Cowboys vs. Indians” show. In fact, we’ve heard from people that the show was savage back in the ’80s, where people would have purses, jewelry, and other items taken only to have to be claimed at the front when you’re leaving! We pulled an awesome move though. Here’s the hack: my wife made the call to arrive at the park at 2:30 in the afternoon, which was awesome because the crowd was thinning out…most people arrive early and spend the whole day, but you can do all the fun things including scheduling the train ride in about 3 hours without all the waiting in lines. My son loved all the rides and told me he was “living his best life” on the Ferris Wheel haha!