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Not good!

This past weekend, my dad, stepmom, sister, and I spent the weekend in Wilmington, and Carolina Beach. One thing you should know about my family; we are all VERY PALE!

I grew up getting horrible sunburns, and even sun poisoning at one point.

Now that i’m older, I’m VERY thorough when it comes to putting sunscreen on. I reapply about ever hour, and this weekend was no different.

Well the morning after our first day at the beach, I woke up with little red bumps all over my neck, chest and scattered in other parts of my body. This had happened to me once before, a month ago when I was at St. Augustine with my family, but it wasn’t nearly as bad and I decided to think nothing of it since it had never happened before. But this being the second time this had happened, I needed to figure out what was causing the rash!

After process of elimination ( and help from my very awesome Instagram follows) I discovered that the thing causing the crazy rash on my body was….


That’s right, I’m allergic to certain sunscreens apparently… GREAT! Although I’m not sure what the actual ingredient is in the sunscreen is that is causing the issue, I do know the exact one that caused it.

Coppertone Spray sunscreen.

So now, I get to play a fun game of process of elimination with sunscreens to find out which ones wont make me break out! This should be interesting, haha!